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Some PlayStation Move Titles to Launch with Added Dualshock 3 Support

Sony has long been saying that they wouldn’t alienate the hardcore gaming crowd with the PlayStation Move. So if PlayStation Move is not your preference, than you could always go back to the Dualshock 3. This goes for many of the PS3’s titles such as SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3. But what about some of these games that were announced as PlayStation Move games? It looks like they’ll be getting Dualshock 3 support to make sure the games make it in the hands of as many games as possible. Surprisingly, some of the PlayStation Move’s key titles will also be featuring Dualshock 3 support…

Two titles that were revealed alongside the PlayStation Move’s official debut during this year’s Game Developers Conference will not require you to use the PlayStation Move. So if motion control gives you motion sickness, then you can always just sit back and mash away at your Dualshock 3.

On the official US PlayStation website’s PlayStation Move page, PlayStation Move games have been broken down into two sections. One for “PlayStation Move required” games and another category for “PlayStation Move featured” games. The “featured” category has many titles that are already released or widely known to use both the PlayStation Move and the Dualshock 3. Games like Heavy Rain, Tiger Woods PGA tour 11, SOCOM 4 and LittleBigPlanet 2 fit that bill. However there are a few surprises on that list – games that many have believed to be PlayStation Move only. The Fight: Lights Out and Kung-Fu Riders are both listed as being PlayStation Move “featured”, hinting at Dualshock 3 support. The Fight: Lights Out was originally announced with the working title of “Motion Fighter”, meaning it was planned with the PlayStation Move in mind.

Take this with a grain of salt however, as EyePet is also listed as a PlayStation Move “featured” game despite the game’s box art recently revealing that it “requires” the PlayStation Move. We’ve fired off an email to Sony for clarification. We’ll update this page as soon as we hear back.