Dead Rising 2 Infecting Stores a Little Later Than Expected

About a year ago, Capcom confirmed a sequel to zombie-themed title Dead Rising. The publisher had announced that Dead Rising 2’s zombie apocalypse would descend on August 31st. However, that’s not the case anymore unfortunately, as today Capcom has announced that their forthcoming zombie thriller has been delayed.

Previously, it was confirmed that North America would receive the game on August 31st, 2010, September 2nd for Japan, and Europeans could play the game on September 3rd. Now, Dead Rising 2 has been pushed back a month to September 28th for North America, and October 1st for Europe.

Dead Rising 2 will be set in a Las Vegas-themed gambling town named Fortune City. It is set several years after the original Dead Rising, and the game strikes a similar resemblance to movie Dawn of the Dead-based zombie massacre. In addition to the campaign—which includes protagonist, Chuck Reid, taking on hordes of zombies with a slew of intriguing weapons—the game will also feature a four-person multiplayer mode, while retaining its tongue-in-cheek zombie slaughtering humor.

For more on the game which is being developed by Vancouver-based Blue Castle Games, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s previous coverage.