Lost Planet 2 DLC Pits Players Against Boss Fights

Lost Planet 2 will be getting some more DLC love in the near future that will turn the heat up on its bug infested planet.  And if you’re the type with the insanity to take on critters that are 100 times your size, then get ready to lock and load.  This ride will be a bit bumpy.

Capcom has announced a new DLC package for it’s Lost Planet sequel, that will allow 4 players to cooperatively take on a boss-only mode, “Rush Mode.”  These bosses will be the ones that dealt you pain and suffering during the campaign, so you get to deal double the pain for all the headache they may have caused you.

And if the “Rush Mode” isn’t what you’re looking for, then perhaps the odd-looking “Post Modern” costume will suit your strange desires.  This costume will be available immediately for multiplayer, and will be unlocked for use in singleplayer after the campaign is finished.

This package will be $2.99 on the PSN when it will be released towards the end of July.  In the meantime, check out the screenshots of the DLC below.