PES 2011 Trying to Bring Back the Fans

July 6, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Pro Evolution Soccer, the former king of the Soccer video games is looking to take back its crown with PES 2011.

In an interview with CVG Murphy, who’s worked on the series for more then 10 years, says:

What we want to stop is hardcore level of our fanbase moving, if I’m totally honest – which worryingly has started to happen. For years, we sat on our laurels and assumed it never would happen.

That’s our strategy, plain and simple. What we now have is a benchmark from EA that we’ve got to beat, which is fine. It gives us a challenge. But that’s not our ultimate aim. Our goal is not only to ensure we don’t lose any more fans, but that we win back the hardcore fans. The rest of it – we’ll see what happens.

But Murphy also admits that sometimes competition isn’t a bad thing.

It’s a healthy rivalry. PES needed a shake-up and that’s been brought about because FIFA has turned up and done its stuff. I hope we do get back to [No.1] because if PES ever did disappear and you saw one game on the market I think you’d go back to seeing a very, very lazy game of football that everyone would be sick of.

Without competition from either side, I think you’d have a problem in this market.

Of course this is yet to be seen and will be up to the fans to decide. So which game is your choice PES or Fifa.