Demon’s Souls Standard Edition Coming to UK

Demon’s Souls Black Phantom Edition hit UK selves last month with a limited quantity. Well now this one-hit RPG wonder is debuting with a standard edition. So those of you who were unfortunate and couldn’t pick up a copy of the Black Phantom Edition, make sure to get your copy of the standard edition.

Namco Bandai confirmed that the standard edition will hit stores on August 20th, for a mind blowing £34.99.

U.S. publisher Atlus has revealed in a recent announcement that online servers will remain online continuously through March 2011 and seemingly longer. While previously they announced servers would remain open until April 2010, so the possibility that we might get another extension isn’t implausible.

Will you be picking up your standard edition copy of this prominent RPG? Do you contemplate that their will be another online extension or is it to soon to tell? Let your thoughts be heard in the comment section below.