Even More Marvel Vs. Capcom Revealed at Comic-Con

July 24, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is an upcoming title that Capcom hopes will capture the same amount of success as the second title in the series. Judging from the footage so far, it looks to do everything right. Gamers are patiently waiting as more information is released on the upcoming title. Though Marvel may have released more info than originally intended yesterday, read on for full details.

Yesterday more characters were revealed by Marvel to be included in the upcoming fighter. These characters were Chun-Li, Trish, and Super Skrull. Be sure to check out the full article by PlayStation LifeStyle HERE.

Within the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gallery on Marvel’s website, both Thor and Amaterasu are blatantly seen within the screen. The screen has since been removed, but it can be seen below.

This game looks like it could surpass it’s predecessor. How many of you plan on picking this up on day one?