Mysterious DLC for Dragon Age: Origins Playable at Comic Con

While Dragon Age 2 was recently announced, that doesn’t mean gamers aren’t still enjoying Dragon Age: Origins. BioWare’s 2009 fantasy RPG has seen it’s share of downloadable content, and from the looks of it that trend will still continue.

A new DLC pack for Dragon Age: Origins is currently playable at Comic Con 2010, and while a name is yet to be announced, the direction for the content is surprising. Although the core game is very story-driven from start to finish, this upcoming DLC features at least one new dungeon, lots of difficulty but no story to engage in. Apparently, the content is aimed at experienced players looking to try themselves at a more challenging albeit rewarding experience.

The upcoming Dragon: Age Origins DLC has no set release date or title, but should be out within the next couple months. More information should be available in short order.