PS Move Akin to $100K Surgery Sim

Marketers and developers alike have constantly touted the PlayStation Move motion controller as being the ultimate motion gaming experience available for the current generation of consoles thanks to its high level of precision and accuracy. However, if it was not enough to hear this sort of claim from legitimate video game creators, then the words of an interviewee for the PlayStation Move mastermind himself, Richard Marks, may seem all the more convincing.

According to the head researcher and developer of PlayStation Move:

“I was talking to some surgeons. They were talking about laparoscopic surgery simulators. They were saying this feels very much like their $100,000 simulators do for surgeons and they’d much rather do something at a lower cost.”

While the technology behind the PlayStation Eye paired with the Move controller may be impressive and a game-changer for the PlayStation 3, what does this bode for the current state of interactivity between the player and the medium? According to Marks, nothing at all:

“DualShock is a really good abstract device; there’s lots of buttons and analogue sticks you can map to anything abstract. People really understand it and like it. I don’t think you’ll see this get replaced.”

It is clear that the PlayStation family of consoles serves as a platform that has something for everyone. From the hardcore and casual to the cooperative and the competitive, it is safe to say that the PS3 is the way to go every time. After all, “It Only Does Everything“.