Street Fighter x Tekken Knocks 2011 Out of the Question

July 27, 2010Written by Max Murray

With Namco and Capcom’s recent double-head announcement involving the famed Street Fighter and Tekken series, fans’ minds are still reeling. Pinning the two best fighting titles against each other in the same ring is a match up practically guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable, mind blowing fighting experience. Fans have  been clamoring for a debate solver like this for years, and now it’s almost here….Err…or is it?

Yoshinori Ono had been dropping hints on his Twitter for the better half of these past few months that had us suspecting this title was in works, but according to a new comment of his, how long this project has been in the works, and just how much longer development will last has us feeling like the wind was ‘hadouken’d’ out of us.

Although formal talks to start this project began about a year ago, production only started within the last 2 months. With this is mind, Yoshinori Ono said that the game won’t be out for at least two years.

With 2o12 feeling as near as the apocalypse (is it?), you might be wondering why Ono would want to announce this now. His intentions were pure; he just wanted “to do something for the fans.”

It doesn’t look like we’ll be recieving any more information for quite a while, and neither will the Namco team on their reverse project, Tekken x Street Fighter. No content or word will be passed between the two teams from Capcom and Namco during the production of the games. The two titles are being treated as completely separate entities. Said Ono:

“We’d like to challenge one-another in all areas, including sales, and get fans of both series excited.”

For a joint project that has two companies coming together for the first time in series history to work cooperatively, this partnership certainly has a strange ‘competition’ air to it…