X Games gets a Little Dirtier with DiRT 3 Trailer

August 2, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

Just a few months back Codemasters revealed that they were working on yet another DiRT game. With X Games going on in LA and the Rally competition heating up we got a sneak peak at what to expect in DiRT 3.

The trailer shows Ken Block driving his number 43 Monster Energy Ford Focus  through the desert, across a rain slick bridge, through the snowy mountains, and finally meeting up with other competitors as he drifts around and under an exploding semi. Now this doesn’t tell us much, but Ken Block is known for some of his crazy drifting skills that usually involve obstacle’s, so maybe we will see some of those features in Dirt 3.


As for now there is no release date given, but with Dirt 2 just releasing last September I wouldn’t expect to see Dirt 3 until at least 2011.