God of War 3 Unbeatable Price Slash at Gamestop

August 7, 2010Written by Ray Conley

One of the most iconic heroes for the PS3 has yet to be dethroned as king of console, or more appropriately, as the God of War.  If you, for some insane reason, have yet to pick up a copy of the most brutal game to date, well then perhaps your luck has paid off.  Now is the time – now is the chance for you to “steal” a copy of this Santa Monica Studio masterpiece at an amazing price.

Gamestop has pulled the pricing of God of War III to a heart-stopping price of $30 on their online store.  On that same page, they have their “pre-owned” copies listed at $39.99.  Was this a typo?  Let’s not wait to find out!  Hurry on over to Gamestop.com, and pick up a copy for yourself, or for your friend.  We have not been able to confirm if this price change is permanent or a temporary game sale.

Did we forget to mention what sets this deal over the top? Enter the code “SAVER” at checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING!

God of War III has been held up as one of the best games of all time.  It received top marks from major game review sites, including PlayStation LifeStyle, which awarded GOW3 a solid 10.