PS3 Mass Effect “Genesis” Rumored for gamescom Reveal

August 16, 2010Written by Adam G

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it’s another one of those ‘Mass Effect on PS3’ rumor articles. We’re getting a bit sick of them too. But if this latest tidbit of info is to be believed, this should be the last time Mass Effect on PS3 is reported on as a rumor.

A thread over at NeoGaf is claiming that “Mass Effect: Genesis” is going to be announced either at tomorrow’s EA gamescom press conference or in print magazines within a couple of weeks.

The subtitle ‘Genesis’ suggests that this package would include both Mass Effect 1 & 2 however there are some apparently in-the-know users claiming that it will just include the second game (along with a compilation of DLC thrown in for good measure.)  Should ‘Genesis’ be announced, it would also bode well for a multiplatform release for the inevitable Mass Effect 3. Looks like we’ll know for sure, if not tomorrow, then probably sometime near the start of September.