GLaDOS Returns to Starve You of More Confectionary this February

August 19, 2010Written by Adam G

The first Portal — originally released on PS3 in the Half Life compilation, The Orange Box — was described by most fans as a triumph. Comments like “huge success” were noted by many a reviewer with a lot of them finding it hard to overstate their satisfaction… am I being too subtle?

Never mind, because GLaDOS is indeed still alive and will be back to wreak even more dry-humored havoc on your battered body in February. The 9th of February to be exact.

Also coming from GamesCom was the news that Portal 2 would feature the successor to the first game’s hugely popular ‘Companion Cube’, the ‘Buddy Sphere’. To make the relationship a little more chummy this time around, your inanimate accomplice will be given a name: “Wheatley”.

That’s quite nice an’ all, but I don’t think there was any one of us who wasn’t yearning to have the companion cube make a comeback; invigorated and full of his characteristic fresh-faced optimism. Ah well, he lives on in spirit. And I guess there’s no sense crying over every mistake, you just have to keep on trying until you run out of baked goods.