EA Explains How YOU Helped Shape the Medal Of Honor Multiplayer

August 24, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

One of the instant benefits of the next-gen consoles has been the ability for developers to allow gamers to ‘beta’ test their games before launch. Once only exclusive to PC gamers, betas have given developers insight to what players like and dislike and help shape the final release. With EA’s Medal Of Honor multiplayer beta recently coming to an end, changes have been made and EA is ready to tell you all how you helped influence the final product.

Matthew Pruitt, Community Manager for the Medal Of Honor franchise, explained the benefits of the beta and what exactly was modified from your feedback!

  • Improved Hit Detection. Many, many of you fellow PSLSers complained about the hit detection during the beta. The team at DICE has gone back and improved it so much that you could even hit an enemy with a shot through someone else’s legs!
  • No Ammo? No problem! All you gotta do now is find a dead friend/ enemy and ‘borrow’ his weapon. Also, Matthew wanted to remind everyone that the Knife has unlimited ammo, so hack away!
  • Support Actions will no longer happen every 20 seconds. Plenty of gamers complained that the support actions were too easy to achieve and made the game unbalanced. Not any more! While it won’t be too hard to get one, you won’t have to worry about getting you ass kicked over and over with them.
  • The Experience tree has been expanded and balanced.Your journey to Tier 1 badassness will be ‘more eventful’ and will give you much more weapon choices.
  • Crash and Connectivity Issues has beens squished. Ok, if you’ve participated in a beta, you have problem faced a number of crashes and connectivity issues. They have been identified and fixed.
  • MAJOR graphical overhaul. The graphics engined has been given a shot of digital ‘botox’ and looks better than ever. Personally, I thought the game looked great before…can’t wait to see the final product!
  • Weapons have been majorly improved. The key to any successful FPS is to have fun, accurate, and balanced weaponry. The team at DICE knows this and have modified the weapons to the 10th degree.

Matthew also mentioned the fact the game will continued to be worked on every day until release. If your interested in newest Medal Of Honor, why not read our Hands-On impressions of the newest MOH.

The ‘Modern Warfare’ take on Medal Of Honor releases on October 12th in the US and October 15th in the EU. Head over to Amazon now, pre-order your copy and earn a $10 credit while you’re at it, soldier. That’s an order!