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Tetsuya Nomura Drops 3rd Birthday Bombshell

August 28, 2010Written by Allen Tyson

Tetsuya Nomura is a man who wears many hats within Square Enix – The latest one is providing the details many fans have been waiting to hear. In a post at the official  twitter page  for  the 3rd Birthday, Nomura-san revealed details surrounding what we can expect at the Tokyo Game Show. Recently, Yoshinori Kitase hinted at a demo of Aya Brea’s next chapter at the upcoming show. Nomura-san officially addressed whether the 3rd Birthday will be playable or not.

It is official. Nomura-san confirmed that the title will be playable at the Tokyo Games Show. Fans will finally get a chance to go hands on with game prior to it’s release in Japan before the end of the year.

I was concerned Square Enix might be overlooking this title – The lack of a demo this close to the release date was quite surprising. I was wrong…they had a plan all along. Releasing a public demo like this is going to have a positive effect on PlayStation Portable owners. With games like the 3rd Birthday, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and Last Ranker on the horizon, there couldn’t be a better time to own a PSP.