Explore the Halls of Space Together with Dead Space 2 Multiplayer

Surviving a Necromorph infection alone isn’t an easy task, but it seems like Dead Space 2 will make that a bit easier. This time around around you can get some help while you’re in zero gravity.

Multiplayer has been confirmed by EA to be included in Dead Space 2. While details on implementation or gameplay modes are still unknown, the thought of being able to explore the halls of space is enough to send chills up the spine.

While other additions to the game were rumored to have been announced at a GameStop conference in Texas, EA has yet to confirm or deny any of them. With this rumor being confirmed true, it’s possible that the Necromorphs versus “soldiers”, “deathmatch-style combat”, and the multiplayer modes rumored from the conference might also be true.

Expect EA employees to address these rumors in the near future and hopefully they add a surprise or two.