New Ape Escape Is An On-Rails Affair

When Sony introduced the original Dualshock analog controller back in 1998, a various amount of titles supported Sony’s newest controller. It wasn’t until Sony’s 1999 smash hit, Ape Escape,  that is was required that you used both analog sticks, one for controlling the main character and the other served as your net, baton, etc. It gave gamers complete control of Spike and the series has earned quite the rabid fanbase. So, when Sony Japan announced that the Ape Escape would be receiving a motion controlled installment, fans rejoiced, however a bit of news recently discovered might worry fans a bit. It appears your latest journey to capture some ape is going to be an on-rails affair.

Senior Game Designer Takamitsu Iijima talked about the latest entry in the Ape Escape series recently at CEDEC and revealed that the game will feature ‘on-rails’ gameplay so that those playing the game will feel as if they’re  ‘the catcher’.

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m still anticipating the game, however I was imagining some wicked action with one navigation controller or dualshock 3 in one hand, controlling Spike, while using the PlayStation Move in the other, snatching up apes left and right. Or perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself, seeing as how the game doesn’t hit until this Fall in Japan and hasn’t even been announced here in the US or EU yet.

What do you say my fellow Ape Escape fans? Does this major change to the gameplay formula have you worried in the direction Sony is taking the series or do you just some want some next-gen HD Ape-catchin’? Let us know in the comments below.