Next Red Dead Game To Be a Revolution

Could this be the title?

Alcohol can cause one’s lips to loosen fairly easily. This can result in information being leaked early, and in this case the potential title of Red Dead Redemption‘s sequel may have been let loose prematurely.

An employee of a services provider working on “some early technical work” on a game apparently casually referred to the title as Red Dead Revolution when speaking with MCV. The employee in question was speaking under “strict conditions of intoxication,” which we also take to mean anonymity.

Now that the name has been put out there, who thinks this is the actual title? Or, alternatively, could this simply be a code name for the game until an official title is agreed upon? Given that Red Dead Redemption has sold over 6.9 million copies, a sequel seems inevitable, but obtaining possible information on such a game this early into its lifecycle is surprising. Stay connected with PlayStation LifeStyle for more on this story as it develops.