Ed Boon Showing a Little Leg, Teases a Mortal Kombat Roster Reveal

Mortal Kombat set its bar high back in E3 when it blew audiences away, even impressing us to such a degree to label it one of the best games at the show. Three months later, and we’re still itching for news. From what we know so far, there are at least 15 confirmed Kombatants, a “revolutionary” online multiplayer, and a DLC system in place to allow future fatalities to be added. But if Ed Boon, the co-creator of MK, can be believed, a little revealing picture might be the first image we see of an updated roster.

In an effort to help boost a character battle online that featured Shao Kahn, Boon enticed his twitter crowd with the left leg of a character model. Fans are at a loss, as this leg doesn’t seem to resemble any outfit of females previously seen in the series. Take a look:

Keep in mind that Mr. Boom has been known to throw jokes into all aspects of his work, so this may either be the most blatant “sex-sells” attempt to get Shao votes, a hint of a future gender operation for Kahn, or just a legitimate, opportune time to bring new information to the public.

Hit the comments- let’s hear your ideas on this new scarlet lady.