ESRB Ignites the PSN Prequel to Dead Space 2

You gotta hand it to the ESRB. Their job is to first: Play a game early before anyone else and second, tell you, the potential customer, about the game’s ‘rating’ in regard to the maturity content, level of blood, or just some crazy oddball facts. The best part? They’re often hilarious and are worth a good chuckle every now and then. The ESRB has summarized and rated the PSN ‘prequel’ to Dead Space 2, Dead Space: Ignition for all of you to enjoy.

Now here’s a’s rated M for Mature! Shocking! Here’s what the ESRB said about this DLC chapter for the Dead Space series :

This is a puzzle-action game in which players must survive an outbreak of mutant creatures aboard a space station. Players solve puzzle-based mini-games that involves hacking computers, cracking codes and circuitry. The game’s story is told through comic-book panels that have a handful of animated sequences. Some of the panels depict characters shooting monsters and aliens, resulting in large blood-splatter effects and pools of blood. Torsos, limbs, and alien entrails are sometimes depicted, along with ‘squishy’-liquid sound effects and screaming. Language such as ‘f**k’ and ‘sh*t’ can be heard in the dialogue.

The F-word and the bad word for poop in a mature rated gaming? Talk about shocking! I can’t wait to read their summary for Dead Space 2 once it becomes available…I’m sure it’s going to be ten times worse AND ten times more enjoyable than this one!

For those of you who have been keeping track at him, by simply reserving Dead Space 2 at your favorite retailer of choice, you’ll be given Dead Space: Ignition for FREE. Can’t be free, now can you?