Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Announced For PS3

Tecmo Koei and Namco Bandai has announced during the Tokyo Game Show the PS3 will be receiving another installment of Dynasty Warriors Gundam, with the PS3 title bringing in a slew of changes.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 will have a cell-shaded feel. The game will also features mobile suits from: After War Gundam X, Gundam 0083 Stardust Memories, Gundam 00, and Unicorn Gundam. Additionally suits from previous Dynasty Warriors Gundam iterations will also be available in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.

The enemy AI has been given an all-new mechanic which gives it the power to call for reinforcements. The title will also boast a worldwide online co-op mode. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 is currently set to launch during winter in Japan. No word on a western release yet.