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New Dual-Colored PSPs: Twice as Much to Love

During the Tokyo Game Show presentation last week, two new PSP’s were prominently displayed on the floor. Although not as captivating as a PSP2 sighting might have been, the sleek, dual-color makeover that each of the models features is certainly exciting in its own regard.

The two new, limited edition models will be identical to the PSP-3000 in regards to hardware, but visually as different as night from day: one teams a pearl-white with a translucent blue backing, while the other takes a cue from the special edition God of War PSP and pairs a the glossy black with fire red buttons and backing.

They’ll come with a 2GB Memory Stick Duo, and hit shelves in Japan as early as November 18th for 17,800 Yen, or around $200 USD. But if you’re looking to pick up one of these stylish new limited PSPs stateside, you’re probably going to find yourself out of luck. As of now, no word has been passed down that there are plans to sell them abroad, and given the precedent Sony has set with their many colored models seen only in Japan, chances seem slim.