Kojima Reveals Next Game… at Tokyo Game Show 2011

It takes a special kind of person to evoke such strong fan reactions after uttering one sentence that is not just incredibly open ended, but also in reference to something that may or may not actually happen… until next year. But Hideo Kojima is that kind of person. His recent tweet points to the Tokyo Game Show 2011, and as such, we begin marking our calendars and crossing our fingers.

2010 has not even entered Q4 and yet we’re already set in dire anticipation for next year’s TGS where Kojima-san has expressed distinct interest in revealing his next title. Responding to Fumito Ueda‘s tweet, Kojima stated:

“I think it would be nice if next year I can do not just editing, but introduce my own new game”.

Although we’re hard pressed to even label this as a rumor, it is worth noting that Kojima-san has most likely began production on whatever his next project is. A few days ago, he teased the world with Metal Gear Solid 5, but given the high amount of hype Metal Gear Solid: Rising will see this time next year, he probably will not want to steal any thunder they’ve created with an announcement pertaining to a sequel made by him, the original creator.

As for the ‘editing’ portion of his comment, Hideo was the eye behind the impressive 7 1/2 minute trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow recently debuted. With that in mind, watch it again, and witness all his cinematic trademarks:

Could you tell it was his work?

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