Behind The Scenes of “Who Do You Trust?” With Jim Lee

Jim Lee – Co-Publisher of DC Comics and Executive Creative Director of DC Universe Online (DCUO) – is a comic book icon. His artwork in comic books, and his character designs for DCUO alone have left fans of his work eagerly anticipating Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) upcoming massively-multiplayer online (MMO) title.

Someone else is vying for icon status now also after his monumental work on the cut scene trailer “Who Do You Trust ?”: Tim Miller, Director of Blur Studio.

Jim sat down for an exclusive Director’s commentary on the trailer. The two discuss challenges in producing it, and his inspiration in creating something that set the Internet abuzz.

On his inspiration, Tim Miller had this to say:

I have always been a fan of last stand moments… it’s when people are either at their best or at their worst… that crucible in time when you’re facing death

Direct Shot

After watching the trailer, comic book/gaming fans alike had questions about certain scenes that didn’t add up: How does Deathstroke defeat batman without even a fight, and how does Luthor survive a direct shot from Superman? Those answers, along with a few details you may have missed, are explained in the one-on-one commentary between Jim and Tim.

Everyone involved in the DCUO project is paying attention to the minor points that could destroy a game if left unattended to. As I wait for the story to unfold, I know at least two people I trust: Tim Miller and Jim Lee.

DCUO is set for release November 2nd.