ModNation Racers Takes Shortcut, Receives Price Cut

It was easy for gamers to overlook United Front Games ModNation Racers earlier this Summer. Stuck between the releases of Blur, Split/Second, and the multi-platinum selling blockbuster, Red Dead Redemption, ModNation Racers didn’t exactly burn up the sales chart. However, that didn’t stop the game from being one of the BEST Kart racers released the past 5 years. Fantastic news for all of you who might have waited on this overlooked gem, as Sony has issued a price cut for both the PS3 and PSP versions of the game.

With over 300,000 tracks available to burn rubber on, now is the perfect time to join the ModNation Racing League. For a cool $39.99,  this ticket is ridiculously good deal. Just like the original LittleBigPlanet, this ‘Play. Create. Share.’ is going to keep you busy for a long, long time. For those who might a taste of MNR on the go, the PSP version has been slashed to a oh-so-nice price of $19.99. With over 16,000 tracks created, the PSP version is the perfect counterpart to it’s bigger brother.

If this price cut doesn’t entice you, then make sure you read PlayStation LifeStyle’s Reviews for BOTH versions. Check out the PlayStation 3 Review and the PSP Review.

Are you tempted to join in on the ModNation fun? Let us know in the comments below.