‘Vanquish’ Bayonetta for Free With This Killer Pre-Order Deal

Shinji Mikami’s upcoming third-person shooter, Vanquish, looks to take the slow-paced feel of the genre and upgrade the speed and action to the nth degree. Don’t believe me? Go download the demo off the PlayStation Network. For those of you who have already fallen in love with the game, Play.Com is offering a stellar pre-order that you shouldn’t miss!

What if I told you that all you gotta do is Pre-order Vanquish from online retailer Play.Com and you receive a FREE copy of Bayonetta for doing so!?! Interested? Then head on over and click here as supplies are ‘strictly limited’.

The only problem with this deal? It only applies to our UK and Europe fans. If you’ve never played Bayonetta, give the demo a go off the PSN or read my review for it! Bayonetta is a good game and all..but for free? It’s an awesome game!

Look for Vanquish‘s non-stop action this October 19th in the US and October 22th in Eurupe and the UK.