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PlayStation Move Off to a Good Start

October 11, 2010Written by Sebastian Moss

The PlayStation Move, Sony’s entry into the motion controller market, could mean big money for the company as it potentially opens up the PlayStation to a whole new audience, but with the hugely popular Wii already having an established fan base, and Microsoft gearing up to market Kinect like an entirely new console launch, can the Move prove successful? According to an analyst, things are looking bright.

A survey of U.S. consumers by Lazard Capital Markets revealed that, despite high price points and few launch games, interest in both Move and Kinect is actually quite high. Analyst Colin Sebastian said:

“Our survey… suggests there is strong demand for both the Kinect and Sony Move motion controllers. We are somewhat surprised by the positive reaction given the relatively high price points ($149 for Kinect and $99 and up for Move) and the lack of many compatible games for the devices. We believe that Sony’s Move is off to a good start at retail, with limited supplies, and our survey also bodes well for the launch of Kinect”

He continued:

“Lastly, an optimistic view of the new controllers would also assume that the current console cycle can extend another 3-4 years before platform holders need to bring new console hardware to the market.”