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Fan-Inspired Xenogears Soundtrack Coming Soon

October 13, 2010Written by Heath Hindman

Renowned video game music composer Yasunori Mitsuda recently let some news fly on his Twitter page. Fans of the popular PlayStation RPG Xenogears should be thrilled as it turns out a new version of the soundtrack is in the works.

In a post on Twitter, Mitsuda posted the following:

We start to make the orchestra arranged version of Xenogears! Please tell us your favorite music!

He then proceeded to link to the Square Enix Music page for the Xenogears soundtrack and requested that fans get in on the planning by voting for their favorite songs from the game. No final release date has been set for the album, as it is still very early in its planning phase, but if you enjoyed Xenogears then be sure to vote for the songs you enjoyed most!