tlou the sounds of the fireflies

The Last of Us Composer Gustavo Santaolalla Performing Soundtracks in the UK in 2024

The Last of Us composer Gustavo Santaolalla is playing the Naughty Dog games’ soundtracks live in London next year with the backing of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Last of Us heads to London

Based at the Southbank Centre in the capital, the live performance is titled The Sounds of the Fireflies, and will play for one afternoon only. It will showcase tracks from both The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II.

The official concert description details the first-time experience.

”The taut storyline and tense gameplay of Naughty Dog’s seminal action-adventure title asserted its mastery ten years ago, but it is Santaolalla’s compositions, performed today by the Philharmonia Orchestra, that gave it transcendent emotional depth.

Oscar-winner Santaolalla’s musical genius bestowed an indelible mark upon the game’s world. His evocative work did not just accompany the gameplay. It became the heartbeat of the characters’ struggles, immersing players in a visceral symphony of contradiction – finding beauty in a world stifling it.

Through his artistry, Santaolalla transformed The Last of Us into an unforgettable sensory experience, reminding us of the deep impact music can have on interactive storytelling.

Join us for an afternoon celebration as we enjoy Santaolalla’s compositions orchestrated live in concert for the very first time.”

The concert will be performed by Gustavo Santaolalla on guitar alongside the Philharmonia Orchestra and will be conducted by Robert Kurdybacha

Tickets are on sale now for the concert, which will be performed as part of the Southbank Centre’s Game Music Festival. Santaolalla and company will perform on Sat 4 May 2024 at 1 PM UK time.