Yakuza of the End Shows Life after Zombies

Outside of the red light district, violence, and adult theaters, Kamurocho would be a nice place to raise a family–or raise the dead. Zombies don’t scare Yakuza. In fact in the latest screens released, they stare them right in the face and almost laugh.

In the most recent images provided by Sega for Yakuza of the End we get a glimpse at not only Zombies, but other fearsome beasts that will be terrorizing the inhabitants of Kamurocho. The once vibrant, and alive city of lights is now a ravaged war-torn mess. The before and after screens bring images of Mad Max and Omega Man to mind.

Main characters Shun Akiyama, Ryuji Goda, Goro Majima and of course Kazuma Kiryu will have their work cut out for them as they attempt to save the city, yet stay well dressed at the same time. From the looks of the screens, they are doing well on both accounts.

No firm release date has been provided yet for Yakuza of the End.