Concerns Over Short Single Player Campaign ‘Vanquish’ed

Vanquish has gained popularity since the first trailer debuted earlier in the year, partially due to its developer Platinum Games earning respect for releasing the beautiful Bayonetta. The game is now only days away and it is already being labeled as “too short” for a single-player only game. An employee at Platinum Games has a beef with that.

Platinum Games writer JP Kellams has been responding on Twitter to rumors that the upcoming action title Vanquish is too short. JP Kellams began his rebuttal with the following:

GameInformer: “Don’t be surprised if you finish your first playthrough in four hours.” Really? Because it would surprise the hell out of us.

After getting some feedback from other users on Twitter, Kellams replied with the following:

@NickRoxNRX Maybe they just did a speed run because they were on deadline… But that is significantly shorter than my final tuning run.

At what point is a game too short? In the case of many games, the addition of co-operative multiplayer and online multiplayer sometimes masks the fact that the campaign leaves much to be desired. Is Vanquish really only four hours in length? We’ll have an answer for you here on PlayStation LifeStyle when our review is posted.