David Cage Says Next Game Won’t be Titled “Horizon”

October 22, 2010Written by Adam G

After Quantic Dream finished the award winning Heavy Rain, people have been desperate for any news on David Cage’s next game. With rumors that “Horizon” was in development at Quantic Dream, it seemed that was what the French studio was developing, however, Cage has now spoken up about the title.

Despite casting calls, and a listing posted up on Amazon France, David Cage has said that his team at Quantic Dream is not working on a game called Horizon, instead informing us that “Horizon” was just a codename. Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK in their December issue, David Cage stated that “There’s no project called Horizon currently in development at Quantic Dream.”

“This is a codename that one of our partners used in casting sessions along with an unrelated script to avoid leaks from actors,” Cage remarks. “It seems it was definitely a wise decision.”

The unrelated script that Cage mentioned refers to a “a curious man very insularly meeting a free woman who is hesitant to exercise her freedom.” Whatever David Cage and his team are working on, we have every faith in him to produce another gripping experience in a similar mantra to Heavy Rain.