Uncharted 3 And Horizon Listed on Amazon France

Despite E3 being done and over, that doesn’t mean that game publishers, particularly Sony, don’t have anything else up their sleeves. One major retailer is already listing some pretty heavy hitting, unannounced PS3 exclusives.

Amazon France has listed Uncharted 3 as well as Quantic Dream’s next project, rumored to be titled ‘Horizon’. Both are priced at 69,95 and an October 31st, 2011 place holder date. Of course this isn’t at all solid or at all a confirmation, but Amazon France has been right in the past.

An Uncharted 3 is definitely in the cards. Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 2 was undoubtedly the benchmark for games on the PlayStation 3 and the gaming industry as a whole. The success of the PS3 exclusive truly showcased what Sony’s console was capable of, all while achieving over 100 awards, including the coveted ‘Game of The Year’ award. Nathan Drake’s voice actor, Nolan North, even said it would be common sense for Uncharted 3 to be in development at some point.

As for Horizon, Quantic Dream’s next rumored project is also looking to be a reality with evidence including the Amazon France listing pointing towards yet another exciting project from the famed developers. Apparently, Horizon’s plot involves “a curious man raised very insularly meeting a free woman who is hesitant to exercise her freedom.” Prior to the Horizon rumor, David Cage confirmed his and Quantic Dream’s next project will not be a Heavy Rain sequel, rather a very different project which is “going to be very surprising,” and that you may be waiting “less than you think”.