Get Vanquished on the Cheap

DARPA is waiting for you to suit up in their brand new Augmented Reaction Suit and take it for a test drive. And the price it’s being sold for make it a hard offer to turn down.

Another week, another outstanding deal from our friends at Kmart. This time they may have just outdone themselves. Kmart is offering Shinji Mikam’s latest masterpiece Vanquish for the low price of $34.99. The sale runs from October 31st through November 6th. Keep in mind that with a lot of these Kmart Gamer deals they aren’t listed in the ad; it’s an automatic mark down that happens when the transaction is totaled so your mileage may vary as to if the staff is aware what the deal of the week is.

At PlayStation LifeStyle we like deals as much as you do and so far this is the largest price drop on a AAA title we’ve seen to date from Kmart. The offer is in-store only so if you’re interested don’t delay…