Stars Align as Dylan Jobe’s Next Big PS3 Exclusive Nears Completion

November 5, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Rumors have been floating around for well over a year now that Dylan Jobe is working on a Warhawk sequel, and some have gone as far as dubbing it the name “Starhawk”. The truth is that nobody really knows but LightBox Interactive and Sony, so any and all rumors are just that until the game is announced. However, with a big project meeting with Sony this week, we might be finding out what it really is sooner rather than later.

According to a latest post by Dylan Jobe on Twitter, he’s heading to California to demo LightBox Interactive upcoming PS3 exclusive to Sony in what he calls a big Sony meeting. His official post states:

Off to Santa Monica tomorrow for a big SONY meeting and to demo the game!

Given Dylan Jobe’s history many are expecting a solid AAA PS3 exclusive, and rightfully so. The lengthy development time suggests something big in the works, and perhaps we’ll be seeing some solid Move implementation. That’d be a treat.