Bodycount Stuck Without a Calculator Until Summer 2011

November 6, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Codemasters have announced that its upcoming shooter Bodycount has been shot to shreds and will need extra time on the mend; hence it has been delayed. Originally tagged for a Spring 2011 release, the game will now be dragging its body to store shelves Summer of 2011.

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens had this to say about the delay:

“The remit within Codemasters is not to compromise the quality of any content we publish. We’re not prepared to compromise the game.

“In common with other software publishers, has that resulted in delays? It’s absolutely resulted in some delays.

“People have a habit of reading into it, and two plus two becomes five, but we plan to publish the game in early summer next year and we’re not being any more specific than that because we’re not prepared to compromise on the quality.”

This was not the only huge news to come from the developer as Ex-Criterion development director and now Ex-general manager of Codemasters, Adrian Bolton, has left the company. Rod Cousens said of the departure: “Someone will fill the void. I don’t see it as any threat to either the well-being of the product, the well-being of the studio or the well-being of the company. I don’t think it’s life threatening.”

Hopefully, like with any delay, this added time will let the developers give more polish to an already good looking game.