MAG “Still Amongst The Most Played Online PS3 Games”

November 13, 2010Written by Sebastian Moss

With the multiplayer juggernaut Call of Duty: Black Ops having released only days ago, and a slew of other games with online sections having come out in the 10 months since the PlayStation 3 exclusive shooter MAG‘s début, it would be easy to presume that MAG had faded away into obscurity and that only a small portion of PS3 owners actually played the game. However, according to developer Zipper’s Senior Community Manager, the title is still drawing in huge crowds.

With the game supporting a record breaking 256 players in one match, having a thriving community is vitally important to a game with such a large scale. Luckily, Jeremy Dunham, Senior Community Manager for Zipper Interactive has revealed that the game is still one of the largest on the PS3.

On a thread on the official MAG forum, about the game would need to be “revived” after Black Ops release, Dunham responded to a comment that suggested Socom: Confrontation had a bigger online community than MAG:

“This is incorrect — MAG has more concurrent players than SOCOM: Confrontation worldwide on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This has been true for every month since MAG’s release on January 26.

Obviously we don’t hit the same numbers we had in our first few months in terms of concurrent and daily users, but we’re still amongst the most played online PS3 games out there”

With the MAG: Escalation downloadable content having recently released, the game is set to go from strength to strength and cement itself as a major online force on the PlayStation 3.