Official Sony Listing Calls PS3 Camera the ‘Eye 2’

For awhile there’s been speculation surrounding the most recent iterations of the PlayStation Eye. Many users have noted that the overall visual quality has improved, and that they’re old PSEye cameras just didn’t work as well with the Move. Well, if this listing is anything to go by, we now know why.

Sony is once again hosting their quarterly auction for users of the PlayStation Retail Loyalty Site, but one of the items caught our “eye”. It was non-other than the PlayStation Eye, but this time we noticed something different. Sony listed the item as the PS3 Eye 2. Over the past few months, the PSLS staff did note that the cameras included with the latest round of Move bundles just seems to look and track better when playing. Additionally, we noticed that the model numbers were different, which would lead us to believe that there’s new tech in there somewhere. Here’s a snapshot of the listing.

Now, it’s completely plausible that Sony meant PS3 Eye 2 as in the successor to the original EyeToy, but we highly doubt that considering Sony has never used this term before, always reaffirming the fact that the EyeToy and the PS Eye were completely different entities. It has also been rumored that Sony may be working on 3D tech for the Eye. Is it possible that they’ve already sneaked in some new features? Potentially even some new 3D technology that makes the newer models more compatible with the PlayStation Move? Only time will tell.

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