Helldivers 2 PS5, PC

Sony’s Helldivers 2 Currently a Top Seller on PS5 and PC

Sony-published Helldivers 2 might not have been marketed like the company’s blockbusters, but it’s seemingly off to a great start on the PS5 and PC. The third-person multiplayer shooter quietly climbed up Steam’s global top sellers list and is also one of the top ten games in the PlayStation Store in a number of regions.

Helldivers 2 is out today on PS5 and PC

Out today, Helldivers 2 started climing up Steam and PS Store charts ahead of launch, indicating strong digital pre-orders. On Steam, players noticed that it surpassed surprise hit Palworld. At the time of this writing, Helldivers 2 is currently the second best selling game on Steam with a price tag of $40, beaten only by the free-to-play PUBG: Battlegrounds. Additionally, the game currently has over 55,000 concurrent players on PC. PS5’s concurrent player data is not available.

Fans are a bit surprised by this development. Developer Arrowhead dropped the original’s top-down formula in favor of a third-person shooter and early previews have been positive. Since Helldivers 2 is a live service game that just launched today, critic reviews aren’t available yet. User reviews are currently mixed on Steam after more than 1,000 entries but it’s too early to gauge the overall reception.