Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – Trophy Guide

Betrayed By Rage (Bronze)Complete the game and choose the Dark Side ending

At the end of the game after you defeat Vader you can choose light side or dark side choose dark side.

A Measure of Mercy (Bronze)Complete the game and choose the Light Side ending

At the end of the game after you defeat Vader you can choose light side or dark side choose light side.

Shattered (Bronze)Shatter 10 enemies frozen in carbonite.

You will encounter Carbonite war droids starting on chapter 1. These are the droids that you will first need to take out their shields. After you remove the shield they will shoot carbonite at you. Run around the droid as he is doing this so he will shoot the other enemies and freeze them. Then use force push (circle) to destroy them.

Poor Bob (Bronze)Force Grip a Stormtrooper, impale him with a lightsaber, zap him with Force Lightning, then throw him into an object

This is pretty easy as long as you follow the sequence. This is best done on chapter 1 since you’re powers won’t be that high of a level. Grab a trooper (R2) throw your lightsaber at him (Square), zap him with lightning (triangle) and then throw him at an object.

Unleashed (Bronze) – Activate Force Fury 10 times.

Force Fury is done by pressing in on both L3 and R3. If you do this everytime you gauge is full you should have no problem doing it 10 times by the end of the game.

Lucky Streak (Bronze)Defeat 300 consecutive enemies without dying.

No shortcuts to this other then to just play the game on easy and you should have no problem doing this.

Pied Piper (Bronze)Entice 10 Stormtroopers to leap to their deaths with Mind Trick.

Halfway through chapter 1 you will learn the Jedi Mind Trick by holding L2 and pressing triangle. From then on everytime you are near an edge do this to every stromtrooper around you. Be careful since if there are other stormtroopers around they may instead go and fight each other. But if you do this enough you will have no problem getting this trophy.

Up, Up and Away (Bronze)Overload 20 Jumptrooper jet packs

You will face many of these guys through the main story. To overload there jetpack shoot them with the lightning blast(L2) until they start to smoke and go out of control. Then do that to 19 more.

Passive Aggressive (Bronze)Parry and counter 10 melee attacks.

You need to time this, so just before an enemy attacks hits you press L2 to block, then one of the face buttons to counter. Do this 10 times.

Fully Charged (Bronze)Use an entire bar of Force Power on a Lightning attack.

Nothing to this one when your blue bar is full hold triangle until its empty, It doesn’t matter if the enemy dies just do not let go of triangle.

Specialist (Bronze)Upgrade one Power to Rank 3.

See “Maxed Out”

Maxed Out (Bronze)Upgrade all Force Powers to Rank 3.

Although it may seem like a grind if you plan on getting the platinum you won’t have a huge issue getting this trophy. There are seven different powers to upgrade. You get force points by killing enemies and destroying objects. To help increase the rate at which you get these points equip the Wisdom Lightsaber as this will give you even more points with each kill. By the time you get near the end of your unleashed playthrough you should have everything maxed.

Use the Force, Luke (Bronze)Complete any combat level using only Force Powers.

Your best bet for this would be on chapter 1. Basically avoid the square button. Don’t do any quick time events as most will require your lightsaber. Some fights may take a little longer, but can be done if your patient.

Awww Yeah… (Silver)Perform every combat move in the game (excluding combos that require Rank 3 Saber).

See images below for all combos.

Holocron Hunter (Bronze)Find every holocron.

There are many of these scattered within each level. Check out this link for all locations.

Challenger (Bronze)Complete one challenge and receive at least a Bronze medal.

See “Champion”

Rookie (Bronze)Complete the first ten challenges with at least a Bronze medal in each.

See “Champion”

Hat Trick (Silver) Get a Gold medal on any 3 challenges.

See “Champion”

Competitor (Silver)Get a Silver medal on any 5 challenges.

See “Champion”

Champion (Gold)Complete the first ten challenges with at least a Gold medal in each.

You unlock challenges as you work your way through the campaign. Once you unlock all of the challenges you will need to get a gold medal on them. Since platinum is the highest rank you do have some room for error.

Platinum (Silver) Get a Platinum medal on any challenge.

Getting a platinum medal is by far one of the hardest things to do. See video below for details on how to make your job easier.