“Murder Your Maker”: Activision Teases VGA Reveal

To build up a bit of a buzz and hype for the Spike TV Video Game Awards, the studio released teaser trailers that hinted at what games will be revealed during the show. The first trailer had a hidden link to “Murder“, and the second to “Your“, with a third expected next week. Now, publisher Activision have beaten their own game’s teaser to the punch and released a different teaser completing the sentence: “Murder Your Maker”.

Activision have revealed a teaser website, murderyourmaker.com, that shows the back head of a bald man as well as blurry plans on a wall, while eerie ambient music plays in the background. “Murder Your Maker” and the date of the VGAs are also shown, confirming that the game will make an appearance at the show.

What the game actually is is unknown, but due to the title being published by Activision, it is almost certainly multiplatform. While the man shown is bald, the game cannot be Hitman as the franchise owned by Square Enix. However, some people speculate that it is Prototype 2 – an IP owned by Activision where the game’s equally bald protagonist Alex Mercer sets out to find, and kill, his creators.

It could, of course, be something entirely new, perhaps even Bungie’s first multiplatform title, but it seems too early for a reveal of that game.

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