VGAs To Feature More Gaming Industry Figures Than Ever Before

While Spike TV’s Video Game Awards have been home to numerous high profile game reveals, many have criticised the celebrity-focused event for its almost embarrassing showbiz cameos, and irrelevant guest appearances. With a new director, Hamish Hamilton, taking the helm, the show is set to take a new direction, hopefully addressing viewers concerns. Now, GTTV host Geoff Keighley has hinted that the show may still be star studded – but this time with people from the gaming industry.

Talking on Twitter, user johnvanderhoef asked Keighley, who is also a VGA producer:

Can the VGAs have less hollywood and more game industry folk?


Folks associated with either nominated games and/or big names: Cliff B., Molyneux, Spector, etc.

Interestingly, Keighley replied:

Stay tuned! We got you covered.

Who do you think will make an appearance at the 2010 VGAs? Kevin Butler is set to not only attend, but announce something, and with Guillermo Del Toro’s game set for a VGA reveal, his appearance is highly likely.

Let us know who you’d like to see at the VGAs in the comments below.