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PlayStation Phone Videos; Zeus Z1 is PlayStation App and XMB Equipped

It’s been called the PlayStation Phone, but it’s really not. It’s actually the Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1, a PlayStation button-equipped, Android-based smart phone that is due to be officially revealed soon. Two videos of the phone/PlayStation hybrid in action have surfaced, one of which shows a PlayStation app that features an XMB and access to a game library. And though the phone is a Sony Ericsson branded phone, it’s quite apparent that it is made to run PlayStation games.

Just from the video alone, you can instantly see that not only does this beast feature the iconic PlayStation face buttons and a D-pad, but also a touch panel design. This is the same Sony Ericsson “PlayStation Phone” that was leaked recently in pictures. Now, these videos show it in action.

As you can see, the phone is running Android Gingerbread, which is an unreleased, anticipated version of Google’s Android OS. It features your normal Android layout, apps, and one thing of major interest to all of us here at PlayStation LifeStyle, a PlayStation App. Click the app takes you to a modified XMB screen and a game library. There you can search the library or check out recently played games. This video doesn’t actually show any games, but it’s pretty obvious what it’s meant to do. Check it out below:

If there was any doubt that this Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 was anything but PlayStation, you can plainly see both the PlayStation “game” icon below. The other pic below shows off not only and XMB, but if you look in the upper right hand corner, you can see the PlayStation “PS” logo.

All we can really say… is… wow… and we want one.