Excessive Bulletstorm Dev Diary Gets Raw

December 19, 2010Written by Tyler Minarik

Epic Games is really pushing the bar for making an over-the-top shooting game in every way possible, and show it off in their recently released developer diary.  Accompanying the barrage of swearing and violence contained in this video they detail the characters and give some details on the story line in the game.

We’ve already seen how the game intends to make shooting more fun than every by giving players bonus points for using unique combos and trick shot kills, along with sweet weapons and special moves.  Now some more light is shed on what we can expect for the plot of the game, and it will be the perfect set up for bestowing relentless violence upon everything that moves.  It appears that almost everyone will be a complete jerk, which is great motivation for whip launching them into the air while firing an arsenal of explosives at their flailing bodies.  Check it out below, and be warned, there’s plenty of foul language and violence enclosed to entertain you!