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PlayStation Sending Out Free Gifts & Thank You Cards

Your happy holiday is about to get even more merry. PlayStation is sending out ‘Thank You’ cards to select PlayStation Network users along with a free gift.

PlayStation is thanking their dedicated PSN users with a special ‘Thank You’ card and a disc, entitled PLAYSTATION SOUNDTRACKS Vol. 1, featuring music from some of PlayStation’s most-recognizable games. Check out the list of available tracks below:

  1. Uncharted 2“Nate’s Theme 2.0” – Greg Edmonson
  2. Uncharted 2“Reunion” – Greg Edmonson
  3. Infamous“Dinner with Sasha” – Jim Dooley
  4. Infamous“Anything for Trish” – Amon Tobin
  5. MAG“The crushing Heel of Tyranny” – Apocalyptica
  6. MAG“A Soldier’s Pride” – Tree Adams
  7. Uncharted“Uncharted The El Dorado Megamix” – DJ Shadow
  8. Heavy Rain“Ethan Mars Main Theme” – Normand Corbeil
  9. Heavy Rain“Norman Jayden’s Main Theme” – Norman Corbeil
  10. Flower“Lazy Daydream” – Vincent Diamante
  11. Resistance Retribution“Grayson’s Theme” – Garry Schyman
  12. Lair“Elegy” – John Debyney
  13. Killzone 2“Opening/Birth of War” – Joris de Man
  14. God of War 3“The Great Machine” – Mike Reagan
  15. God of War 2“God of War 2-Main Titles” – Gerard Marino

These ‘Thank You’ gifts/cards are making their way to homes around the US now. We’re unsure of what parameters are required for you to receive this thoughtful gift, but it’s best to make sure your physical mailing address tied to your PSN account is correct.

Keep an eye out for your mail carrier, and let us know in the comments below if you got yours.

Thanks John for the tip!