Thrustmaster T500 Drives a New Standard Starting January 5th

December 27, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Earlier in the month it was reported that a new racing wheel was in development that intends to dominate the market with a strong feature set. It is now post-Christmas and the full extent of its glory has been unleashed in an official three-minute video.

Polyphony Digital has released a new video under the Gran Turismo TV section of Gran Turismo 5 which details the upcoming Thrustmaster T500 RS racing wheel. Coming January 5th for $599.99 in North America, or £449.99 in Europe, the new racing wheel encompasses a wide array of high-quality features including adjustable pedals, a large 1080 degree steering wheel, and even metal components.

The full video can be seen below, courtesy of YouTube user Robgroovey:


Previously, Logitech’s $299.99 MSRP G27 racing wheel has been the bar for racing simulation. However, the new Thrustmaster T500 RS, with twice the asking price, should be taking over in short order when it debuts next week.