Three More PSOne Classics Importing to the PSN

Gone are the days where PS3 owners could validly complain about the lack of PSOne Classics on the PlayStation Store or say that Japan got all the good (see: cooky) stuff. PSOne Classics hit the store at a semi-steady pace, and more recently, PSN Imports have begun making their way over from the land of the rising sun. However, if by chance you still feel unsatisfied with the current offerings, perhaps these upcoming games will lift your spirits.

In what’s becoming a more common occurrence each week, the ESRB has listed three more PSOne games that will be heading to the PSN. These are likely going to fall under the PSN Import category, rather than the PSOne Classic category in the PlayStation Store, due to their being heavily Japanese in nature.

First up is Destrega, a 3D fighting game released by Koei in 1998.

The second is Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, which was released in 2000, and was the first Harvest Moon released on the PlayStation. Harvest Moon is a farm simulator, that gives gamers a run down farm, of which they must rebuild, and make profitable.

The third and final game outed by the ESRB is Saiyuki: Journey West, which was also developed by Koei in 2001. Saiyuki: Journey West is a tactical RPG, with some aspects based on the novel Journey to the West.