Snakebyte Universal Remote Is a PS3 Home Theater Enthusiasts Dream

January 9, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

Sunflex USA is one of the first companies to attempt to release controller that offered all of the features found in Sony’ Dualshock 3 with their Snakebye controller. The company is also releasing alternatives to both the PlayStation Move and Nav controllers, as well as the PlayStation Eye. Recently, at CES in Las Vegas, they also announced another product that would be released, a universal remote that sports both IR support and Bluetooth.

The Snakebyte Premium Universal Remote will offer many different features to PS3 owners. These include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Infrared signal
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Ability to control up to five other A/V devices
  • Backlit crystal display
  • Display of date/time and room temperature
  • Buttons with motion sensor capabilities
  • Upgradable firmware

Howard Borenstein, president of Sunflex USA, had this to say on the Universal remote:

The snakebyte brand epitomizes innovative and high quality products for demanding gamers. We’re in the process of expanding our portfolio of premium PS3 products and we’re proud to offer a definitive single remote control solution for PS3 users which will live up to the highest standards.

For a better look at the remote, click the image below: