PSN Review – Crescent Pale Mist

Crescent Pale Mist is developed by Rockin’ Android, and is a downloadable title available off of the PlayStation Network. The game is a fast paced side-scroller that is advertised as over the top with an story to boot. Also it is worth noting that it is a PlayStation Network Exclusive as well.

In Crescent Pale Mist you assume the role of Yunou, who is attempting to bring the Pale Mist back under control since it is fatal and seeping into the outside world. Upon entering the first level, you slowly begin to learn what this fantasy world is all about, and leading up to the first boss it all begins to make sense. But it doesn’t end there, as the next six chapters are spent learning more about the backstory of the game’s universe, and what the history behind each of the characters is. It’s moderately entertaining, and while hard to follow at times, it does enhance the experience.

Yunou, the game’s main character, also has the ability to control the Pale Mist to give her a much-needed advantage. This can be done by using several special attacks as you achieve higher levels of Pale Mist. This is not all that Yunou has in her arsenal, and other modes of attack include both a deadly sword, and a never ending supply of throwing daggers. She is even able to use the ability of flight in certain areas of the game. Different special attacks can be attached to these weapons; for example a throwing dagger can be used to teleport you to the location where it lands. There is the ability you’ll utilize constantly to string together a chain of endless combos upon your enemies. This is only if you can master the difficult controls and learn how to deal with the waves of enemies that will be thrown at you effectively.

One major note to those who haven’t played already: you will die a lot in this game. Perhaps not Demon’s Souls a lot, but a lot nonetheless. The enemies will swarm you as you battle with the complicated side-scroller controls that get in the way of what you want to do. Not to mention that the game is downright difficult to comprehend at times when the environments become chaotic, which seems to be frequent. Mix that with the enemies who take cheap shots at you, and you have yourself a frustrating experience.

Level design is another interesting point within Crescent Pale Mist. The game may be a side-scroller, but at times you will find yourself trying to navigate the maze-like pathing within the title. There are multiple routes in each level, and you will constantly run into dead ends, and turn around to re-track your steps. The countdown timer that is constantly counting, which affects your overall end score for the level, makes the scramble to find your way even more exciting. The levels are chock-full of depth and routing options that might make your head spin, but finding the proper path can be very rewarding.

Besides the fact of the that the game offers a total of six levels, there are few other reasons to come back for more. Repeating levels to earn higher scores is just about the only replay value you’ll find. For that reason, this game is short and won’t offer you enough to remember past its completion.

Graphically, Crescent Pale Mist is average. It has a unique flair to it, and although there is nothing eye-catching, you won’t find yourself blaming the visuals for your dismay. Actually, some of the special effects are fun to see, and their retro style will keep you wanting to perform bigger, badder combos.

Overall, Crescent Pale Mist is a decent game to pickup for some cheap entertainment, considering its low price, but expect lots of frustrating moments while attempting to complete the game. The graphics are moderate, but the controls can be clunky and may prevent you from enjoying the short experience. If you are not willing to invest your time into this game to fully master the controls and achieve the best results, then definitely stay away, as Crescent Pale Mist is a niche title that you likely won’t enjoy.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

+ Great retro presentation.

– Clunky controls that take a lot of getting used to.

– Cheap enemies and other game elements provide an overly difficult journey.

5 out of 10