Tomb Raider Trilogy is Leaps and Rope Swings Ahead of Original Versions

January 15, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

For Lara Croft and action-adventure fans alike, the recent Tomb Raider Trilogy announcement was worthy of excitement. However, a few people have already seen the included titles on other platforms, so its weight in gold has been questioned, but what if these returning titles are leaps and rope swings ahead of the original versions?

When asked if the upcoming Tomb Raider Trilogy will be an improvement over the Xbox 360 versions , Sonia Im of Square Enix replied the following via comment:

The X360 versions of the game all looked graphically superb. The benefit of taking the time to go back and re-master and re-work all of the textures from the previous versions of Legend and Anniversary is that the technology has improved since the games were originally released. We can honestly say that visually these will be the best versions of the game.

For those who prefer their content digital, Sonia had some bad news:

At this time we have no plans to release the Trilogy on PSN.

What better way to prepare to learn more about Lara Croft’s past than to go back and experience some of her special moments in the greatest quality possible? With a release date of March 22nd, and a price tag of only $39.99, you might want to start honing your acrobat and archaeology skills. You’ll need them for the dangers that lie ahead.